Plagiarism Policy

Editorial Team of Journal Aspirator recognizes that a plagiarism case is an act that violates the ethics of writing. Therefore, we establish the following policy stating specific action (punishment) if the plagiarism is identified in an article submitted to the Aspirator Open Journal System. Manuscript will be carefully scrutinized for evidence of plagiarism, duplication and data manipulation; in particular, images will be carefully examined for any indication of intentional improper modification.


Plagiarism is the intentional or unintentional act of trying to obtain value for scientific work, by quoting part or all of the scientific work of other parties without stating the source appropriately and adequately.

 For this reason:

Articles must be original, have never been published, and are not in the process of waiting for publication anywhere. Material included in the articles taken from other sources needs to be identified, makes it different from the original text.

If plagiarism is identified, the Editor in Chief has the right to decide actions according to the level of plagiarism detected, with the following guidelines:

Plagiarism level:

  1. Copying some short sentences from other articles without mentioning the source.

Action: The author was given a warning and a request to change the text and quoting correctly.

  1. Copying most of the other articles without the right quote and not mentioning the source.

Action: Articles submitted are rejected for publication in the Aspirator Journal, and the author may be blacklisted and not being allowed for publication in the Aspirator Journal.

Suppose the author submits a manuscript to the Aspirator Journal at the same time with their submission to another journal, and the overlapping article is found during the review process or after publication. Action will be given, according to point two above.

If plagiarism is found beyond the rules set by the Aspirator, the Aspirator editorial board has the right to impose penalties according to the editors' policy.

All authors listed in the submitted article are responsible for the contents of the article they submit because they all signed the Aspirator Journal Publication Ethics Statement Form. If the article is classified as plagiarism, then all writers will be subject to the same actions.

Journal Aspirator routinely screen article submissions for plagiarism using Ithenticate.

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